Fixed Income


While some of our portfolios utilize ETFs to create the necessary allocation for different types of bonds, the majority of our fixed income assets are invested in laddered, investment grade bond portfolios.  We help clients structure their cash management and income security, believing that clients should have a safety net of living expenses for unexpected surprises without having to sell assets.  Being forced to sell assets at an inopportune time could create excessive taxes and poor returns at a time when you’re struggling financially.  As shown below, fixed income investments are an integral part of planning and wealth management.

Fixed income and equivalents


Short term cash

Mid term Fixed income

Longer term fixed income


Months 0-9

Months 10-36

Months 36+


6-9 months of living / business expenses

Business expenses, Income stability in a rising interst rate market

Portfolio stability and reliable passive income


Cash / Cash equivalents

Short term bonds / treasuries

Mid term bonds / long term bonds

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